Put the Yule back in Yuletide

I was just told that I am unholy and a disgrace bc when told "Merry Christmas", I responded "TY, and a Happy Yule to you".

So compelled to write this post.

Let me be very clear, 99% of my family and the love of my life are christian, and I love them all. Bc I celebrate yule, and am a witch, does NOT mean I hate Christianity. It also does not mean I don't believe in the christian god...I just don't believe they are the only deity. It would be exceedingly arrogant and dismissive of others beliefs to do so.

It simply means I celebrate and believe something different than you possibly do.

But so do jewish, hindu, buddhists, muslims, etc.

We can all be accepting of one another, and *gasp* even be friends even though we celebrate different things.

I have a family member who is an ordained minister, (*gasp* again, so am I) and one of the biggest supporters of my path there is.

So it is my hope that this post is met with understanding and acceptance...although it is possible it will ups