Who doesn't love a good movie, or a binge worthy show, right? But when we as witches watch these forms of media, are we watching mindlessly, or are we truly seeing what's in front of us?

Sadly, and it's not just recently either, many of the movies, shows, etc we grew up with or currently consume do not paint us in a kind way at ALL.

I used to watch these types of things, and say to myself "Yeahhhh, but I can discern fact from fiction, so it's fine."

(Morgan Freeman voice over) "Mike would soon learn that indeed, it was not fine."

See, shockingly you can still to this very day find reports of hostility and demonizing of witchcraft and witches themselves by association. The "green face" persona of witches is still everywhere, and movies portray us as child stealing, satan worshipping, hex and curse casting demons more or less. Some are very extreme with their portrayals, some more campy and fun.