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Everybody, welcome to another episode of son of a witch podcast with your
podcast host, Mike D. That's who I am. And I am going to take you on a another
trip give you a little bit of ear love as far as some of the spookiness or ways
of the witch, with some pop culture references, we're gonna have all sorts of
goodness in this episode. So first of all, as I always do, let me get into a few
quick announcements. One of those is that the magazine article that I have been
mentioning is going to be coming up very soon, again, it is released on the full
moon. However, if you weren't aware, we have two of those this month, kind of
like last month, we have another Blue Moon as it's called when we have to in one
month ...in 12 days, actually. So that will be coming up. We're also having a
new moon in one day when this is released. This comes out on Friday the 13th.
You guessed it, the 13th episode on Friday the 13th. That's pretty cool. So the
new moon is actually going to be happening on Saturday, roughly around I'd say
later that evening, if my sources are correct. So if you have any new moon
workings or spell work that you want to do, that will be the day that you need
to plan to do that. I'm also going to here in a little bit go into some of the
moon phases and how it affects you and things like that also, but first, that
magazine article is coming out soon, you may have seen on the Instagram page
that I have been sharing some of their posts and things like that so that you
can get an idea of what the magazine is. It is an amazing publication, very good
publication. It is based out of the UK and the person that has started this
magazine is very, very active and concerned and caring about the witchcraft
community. She wants to make sure that everything that you can learn about or
are curious about is available to you much like my podcast, which is why I kind
of connected with her a bit. That's why when I do this episode in the middle or
at the end, I'm not quite sure yet you are going to hear a short ad for the
magazine so that you know who they are and where to find the latest issue when
it does come out. I have an article in there that I'm fairly excited about, it
concerns, well I'm not even going to tell you what it concerns it's going to be
a surprise. So the magazine is free for most issues ,now on the ones that they
do for the sabbats the print issue because they only do printed issues for the
sabbat editions those do cost, theres shipping and everything involved in that
and then you, also I believe now this is pounds if I'm correct not US dollars,
but it's 2.50 so odd to see what that translates to. But anyway, so it is a free
issue that you're going to be able to read and it has all sorts of good
information in that.
There are some other announcements that I'm going to make I have recently, as of
the 11th of this month, 1111 the 1111 portal which also happens to be my loves
birthday and also Veterans Day, and I'm a veteran so we always celebrate that
day and go out and have fun and have lunch or dinner together. We did that
yesterday we went to our favorite place nearby which is called Pho p h o, dang d
a n g... they are a Vietnamese restaurant and they have the best massaman curry
that I have ever tasted, and I have tasted quite a few . The family that owns
that the husband wife, their daughter works there as well. They are just
amazing, easy to talk to so involved they'll come out and sit and chat with you.
They're very fun to be around. We had a great time and then as a nice little
gift for her birthday and veterans day for me, they took a good portion of our
bill off without even telling us until right when we were getting ready to
pay ...so that was also nice. So if you live in Vermont and you are around the
Williston area, you should definitely definitely visit Pho dang ,they're doing
takeout right now...everything inside if you do eat inside his social distance
tables are more than six feet apart. They have a QR code on the table so you can
scan it with your phone and See their menus. So there's no touching and passing
around menus, all their silverware is sterilized and wrapped, it's, they're
doing it the right way. And they just actually recently opened up to do dine in,
they opened a lot later than a lot of the other restaurants did, because they
wanted to make sure everything was super safe. And I really admire that. So
check out em out if you're in the area, that is probably also what's flicking my
wand this week. So we'll just go ahead and get that out of the way.