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Welcome to Son of a Witch Podcast.   I am a Cabot Witch taught by Laurie Cabot, and have practiced for many years, and my main goal for creating this show was to highlight the witchcraft community.  My goal is to share my knowledge, learn from others, and delve into seldom discussed topics.  Thank you for checking out the site, and please let me know what you think of the show!

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S2E2 Chatting with Christopher Penczak

Tune in as I sit down with author, teacher, healer and all around amazing person...Christopher Penczak.
Author of over 30 books, co founder of The Temple of Witchcraft and so much more, I chat with Christopher about his beginnings with witchcraft, his start as a published author, new projects like his newest book "The Witches Hut" and more.


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